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Lifestyle Consult

To inspire the spirit by immersing oneself on an exhilarating, educational, peaceful, and fun excursion. To remember the innate connection, we have with nature and bring about a shift in perspective ultimately granting oneself more freedom.

At Blue Viaje we seek to guide people on these types of adventures, off the beaten path. We work with local guides, companies, and people in the community who embody the culture of “pura vida”, in which we view as medicine to be shared with the world. Life is the adventure, by taking a journey into the beautiful jungle, being surrounded by pristine rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and breathtaking views we connect with our true self. This process takes time, commitment, and work, but most importantly it takes the first step!

We help our clients improve different aspects of their lives. Our focus is on creating more freedom, health, and well-being. We provide a thorough assessment of the current lifestyle, discuss goals, and provide guidance. We offer many services here in Costa Rica to upgrade experiences, streamline processes, allowing our clients to enjoy their stay or relocation stress free. 

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Real Estate and Construction Guidance

Blue Viaje is here to provide advice and recommendations to clients searching to purchase or develop property using a variety of construction techniques incorporating the latest technologies and systems.


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Blue Viaje works with clients to improve overall health and well-being. We are dedicated to sharing information proven to accurately diagnose root causes causes of dysfunction or disease coupled with the tools to target and reverse these unwanted conditions empowering people to live their best lives.